There will be fewer hungry people in Southern Oklahoma thanks to the work of one Plainview Middle School 7th grader. Madeline Ortiz regularly volunteers at the Food Resource Center of Southern Oklahoma, and she recently noticed the food bank was entirely out of crackers.
Ortiz got her first taste of volunteer work at the Food Resource Center due in part to a school organization.
“I’m a part of the National Junior Honor Society, and we have to get 12 hours of (community) service to get in. I decided to go to the food bank,” Ortiz said. “Once I got my 12 hours I was like ‘this is really fun and I want to keep doing it.’ So whenever I got a Friday or a Monday free, I would go and volunteer.”
She said that she and her mother came up with the idea for the cracker drive.
“I mentioned to my mom they were out of crackers, and she said ‘hey, do you want to talk to Mr. Parham (Plainview Middle School Principal) about the possibility of a food drive?’ I thought that was a really good idea so I asked him,” Ortiz said.
Ortiz said Parham also thought it was a great idea, so the school held a cracker drive from last Wednesday to Monday.
Sixth grader Cooper Phillips brought 48 boxes of crackers to contribute to the food drive.
“It sounded like something fun to do, and I really like helping people,” Phillips said.
Ortiz said that though she has plans for the summer, she will continue volunteering at the Food Resource Center whenever she gets the opportunity.