After a bright and sunny Memorial Day weekend, Southern Oklahoma can expect another round of storms to come through on Wednesday.

Scott Curl, senior forecaster at the National Weather Service in Norman, said that today will be mostly cloudy with a only a very slight chance of rain. However, the chance of showers will begin Wednesday morning near dawn and increase in strength and severity as the day progresses.

“There could be some showers during the early morning hours around sunrise, but storms are likely to continue to increase in coverage and strength around mid day,” Curl said. “There will be a chance of severe weather with heavy rain as well.”

Curl stated that over the course of the day, the area could receive as much as two more inches of rain or more.

“Right now we’re looking anywhere between one or two inches down there,” Curl said. “Obviously it could be higher amounts if we get one of those slower moving storms. They could drop a couple of inches within an hour, but (for the area) on average, one to two inches is well within the realm of possibility.”

Curl said in addition to heavy rain, Wednesday’s storms also carry a possibility of hail.

“If there’s a storm that can tap into the amount of instability we have, there’s a possibility we can have some storms with hail up to golf ball size or maybe a little bigger,” Curl said. It doesn’t look like one of these days where we’re looking at extremely large hail.”

Curl also stressed the importance of watching out for lightning.

“With any of these storms, lighting is one thing that kills people every year.”

The senior forecaster said after Wednesday, the chance of more rain will remain low for the rest of the week. The next chance of storms will be on Sunday and Monday.