Sometimes in life, there’s a path that leads back home.

Sometimes in life, there’s a path that leads back home.

For Plainview graduate Mallory Graves, her road after her first full year in college has not only led her back home to Ardmore, but to her hometown paper as well. 

Graves is serving as the summer intern for The Ardmoreite, where is she helping write for the sports and news departments.

She just recently finished up her first year at Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas, where she is a member of the varsity cheerleading squad and majoring in communications.

“It feels good to be back home,” Graves said. “I missed all my friends and family. It’s weird though texting and contacting my friends to get feature stories over people I graduated with. I’m still shocked at the fact I’m interning here and they are surprised to learn it’s real. This is a really cool experience though and I’m very grateful for it.”

Mallory wasn’t alone during her first year at Southwestern College, as her twin sister Morgan is also an athlete, as she runs for the track and cross country teams. 

“I liked it that I was there (Southwestern College) with Morgan, because I wouldn’t have been able to make it without her,” Graves said. “We’re roommates and it helped us both being there together. We learned a lot though being on different teams and just going through the normal routine of being in college and having to do things on your own.”

“There were several differences with college cheer that I noticed,” Graves added. “It was a more relaxed and flexible atmosphere. The coaching was very different as well, but I’ve learned so much from both Wendy (Russell) at Plainview and now my coaches at Southwestern. Another cool thing was that there were people from all over on the team, so it was fun getting to meet people from so many places.”

Mallory will be serving as the intern through the month of July when she will then return to Southwestern College for her sophomore year, as she continues to write for the student newspaper.

“It is a little stressful writing at the college because it is a class,” Graves said. “But our teacher is great and my classmates are awesome as well and I’ve learned a lot. It’s helped me meet so many more people as a result.”

“I want to be able to take away a lot of experiences from being here in Ardmore,” Graves said. “I’m wanting to just focus on being a better writer and learn how to think outside the box more and just become stronger all around in my journalism skills.”