Plainview’s Deryn Hobbs has always been one for spreading a positive message, whether it was through athletics or in the community.

Plainview’s Deryn Hobbs has always been one for spreading a positive message, whether it was through athletics or in the community. 

But after an outstanding year in which she was part of two state runner-up teams and a state academic championship team, Hobbs managed to stand out all on her own.

Deryn Hobbs is the 2019 Female Athlete of the Year for the Best of the Arbuckles Preps.

“Honestly I was just shocked and my heart overflows with gratitude,” Hobbs said. “The female athletic community around here is full of strong women, and so many deserving athletes who could have won this award. I hope I can represent them well, because this is a huge honor and it just proves that all my hard work and effort during the year has paid off in a big way.”

Aside from being a standout athlete, Hobbs first had to make a name for herself in the classroom when it came to academics.

Hobbs walked the stage as the Salutatorian for the Class of 2019 at Plainview High School, finishing with an overall GPA of 4.14. She also scored a 30 on her ACT exam. 

Athletically this season, Hobbs was a vital part in the success of many teams at Plainview High School.

Hobbs was a state qualifier for the Lady Indians cross country team, making her a four time state qualifier for her career, where she was part of the state runner-up squad. Deryn was also a member of the 2017 state championship team for Plainview in cross country.

She finished as a four-time state qualifier in track, where she was able to be part of her third state runner-up team this season. Hobbs also was a member of the 3200 relay team which claimed third overall at the state meet in Catoosa along with Madie Turner, Faith Lloyd and her younger sister Hadyn.

In the world of cheer, Hobbs was a member of the Lady Indians cheer team which was crowned as the Class 4A state academic champions, they also qualified for the state competition in Tulsa. The state academic championship made Deryn a two-time state academic champion at Plainview.

She was also the only cheerleader in the area to be chosen as an All-Region selection this year, which made her eligible for All-State tryouts, and is a former All-American selection. 

“I think once graduation passes, I’ll be able to fully appreciate everything I’ve gotten to be apart of this season at Plainview,” Hobbs said. “When all the high intensity training and workouts have stopped, that’s when I’ll be able to relish everything I got to be apart of. We accomplished so much as a group and it’s exciting to think about everyone I got to compete with and be teammates with. 

“The girls on all of my teams from cross country, track and cheer are some really strong individuals,” Hobbs added. “It’s been a blessing getting to work alongside with such talented women, who don’t settle for being mediocre. They all put in the work and it was a constant fight to obtain success. To have had the opportunity to be pushed by them to be a better athlete and a better person was amazing to me.”

One of the strong women Deryn got to compete alongside was her younger sister Hadyn, who will be returning next season for the Lady Indians in multiple sports.

“My sister has been the best part of my running career,” Hobbs said. “She has truly pushed me to be the best version of myself. Haydn has always seen something in me that made me want to be better. She made me believe I could be strong and I owe all my success to her. She’s this ball of fire and she will go and get whatever she wants in life. 

“We were able to get state championships together,” Hobbs added. “Haydn is my best friend, my running buddy and it’s been a blessing getting to be her teammate. Getting to run beside her is arguably my favorite memory from high school I’m taking with me.”

Hobbs didn’t just walk away with one award from the Best of Preps banquet, as she made history by being the first ever Cheerleader of the Year recipient. 

Now with her high school journey in the books, a new adventure awaits the Lady Indians standout as she will be attending the University of Oklahoma in Norman. Hobbs also hinted that she might be trying out for the cheer team during her sophomore year. 

“This is the best ending I could have asked for and it’s so unexpected,” Hobbs said. “I’m so blessed and so thankful. Every bit of it was worth it because of how hard I worked.”

“To all of my coaches, thank you so much for believing me in and dedicating yourselves to our sports and wanting to make us all successful,” Hobbs added. “I couldn’t have done any of this without my parents and they have always encouraged me to be the very best. My parents taught me to not be satisfied with being average, but to be extraordinary. I feel like I’ve done that.”