In December 2016 The Ardmoreite ran a story that Storts Family Dentistry wanted two candidates to receive free smile makeovers. Due to an overwhelming nomination response, two smile makeovers turned into four and the project wrapped up last week when the last patient came in for his final appointment.

Dr. Lauren Storts said the smile makeovers came about shortly after she and her husband, Dr. Travis Storts, began working with her father-in-law, Dr. Jesse Storts. In addition to the office in Ardmore, the family practice had also recently opened a location in Marietta.

“We were looking for a way to give back to the communities that we were joining, so we decided to give away two smile makeovers — one for Ardmore and one for Marietta,” Storts said. “We had such a huge response that we ended up picking two in Ardmore and two in Marietta. There were just so many people with great stories, and we wanted to help.”

Storts said the smile makeovers included any procedure necessary to create the perfect smile — such as cleanings, fillings, tooth extraction and orthodontics. She then explained why smiles are so important.

“It’s the first thing people see when they meet you,” Storts said. “So if you have teeth that are crooked, broken or stained sometimes people think you’re not taking care of yourself.”

The recipients of the smile makeovers prove this is not the case. They are two fathers and a mother who placed their children’s needs ahead of getting dental work for themselves, and a young college student who dreams of becoming an author. In every case, the nomination letters highlighted how all four consistently help others and place their own needs on the back burner.

One of the two fathers was nominated by his wife. She wrote: “Before we were married, he committed to helping me with my orthodontics so that I would feel my best on my wedding day. All the while, he hides his smile and is self conscious every time it shows.” The letter also brought up the couple’s four daughters who will also likely need orthodontic work because “they inherited their parents’ crooked smiles.”

She wrote: “He’s told me time and time again that he wouldn’t hesitate to make all the sacrifices he can to make sure they get their smiles straightened out, but that he won’t ‘waste’ money on himself.”

The college student was nominated by her aunt. The nomination explains her niece’s desire to become an author. It also highlights the young lady’s fierce independence.

She wrote: “Prior to reading in The Daily Ardmoreite of your request for nominations, I had been ruminating on how to help my niece improve her smile. She is so darn independent that when we meet for lunch or coffee, she insists upon paying her own way.”

The letter concluded by stating: “She has the smarts, the desire, the attitude and the will to fulfill her dreams. I believe that some day I will see her portrait on the back of a book jacket cover. I don’t know if the story will be a memoir or a work of fiction. I do know her book jacket photo needs a beautiful smile.”

Dr. Storts said the results of the smile makeovers have been dramatic and life changing for all four. The thank you letters the office received from the patients detail some of those changes.

One of the fathers wrote: “Nice teeth not only gave me a great smile but it also put me in a more positive mood. It made me healthier by having better oral hygiene and being more cautious of what I ate. I now have more energy and lost weight because of the latter two results. My self esteem has increased exponentially.” 

In his conclusion he wrote: “My wife and kids have always made me the happiest man alive but now I have a smile that I can prove it with.”

The college student wrote about her nerves during her first appointment. However the team at Storts quickly put her at ease.

She wrote: “On that, and every subsequent visit, the Storts team treated me like a welcome guest…I have a smile today that I can be proud of, but it’s experiencing the generosity of the people at the clinic that has really changed my life.”

In a separate letter she wrote: “It makes me smile just to think of the sweet, patient, wonderful team you have at the clinic — and since I got my braces off, I’ve been smiling nonstop!”