Around 1,500 rubber ducks floated down Rock Creek at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area Saturday.
Onlookers watched from the bridge above, tickets with the numbers for their ducks clenched in hand. Though the ducks moved slowly down the creek, the anticipation was high as they gathered for the Naomi House’s 2nd annual Lucky Duck Race.
Naomi House volunteer and former client Amanda Dial said the race is just one of the many ways the Naomi House raises funds for its women recovering from drug abuse, alcoholism, abusive relationships and more.
“It’s family-oriented with the water and just a day out to cook out and share camaraderie and fellowship, and just a good day with the Lord to raise money for the women,” Dial said.
The rubber duck tickets are sold for $10 each and ducks that cross under the bridge and into the volunteer’s nets first, second and third win cash prizes of $300, $200 and $100 for those ticket holders, Dial said.
In addition to the race, there is a cookout where everyone is invited to share hotdogs, burgers and chips.
“We meet people down the creek and we share the love of Christ with them and invite them to come up and eat,” Dial said.
Broadway House clients and other members of the Ardmore recovery community also joined the women of the Naomi House as they sparked up the grill and unpacked boxes of food together early in the morning.
The women sat in a half circle, chatting and laughing amongst themselves as they waited for their family and friends to arrive.
“My daughter’s coming,” a woman said. “See, amazing things happen when you make good choices,” another replied.
The Lucky Duck race not only raises money for the women of Naomi House, but it helps reunite the women with family members they may not have seen in sometime, Dial said.
“A lot of the women don’t get to see their families, so this is a good way to interact with them,” Dial said. “Last year I was actually a client at the Naomi House. I got out of prison and came, so it was one of the first times to get to spend time with my family, which is just great.”