Ardmore Police recovered a credit card skimmer from a gas pump at a local gas station.
Ardmore Police Department Captain Keith Ingle said the owner of the gas station, located on Broadway Street, was doing a routine check when he found the device at one of the pumps.
Ingle said police are uncertain how long the skimmer had been located at the pump; however, it is suspected that it was placed there sometime after the owner’s last inspection.
The department has sent the device for DNA analysis and is analyzing video surveillance footage in an attempt to find a suspect, Ingle said.
At this time it is unclear whether the suspect was able to retrieve any credit card information from the device, but the investigation is ongoing and police are awaiting the results of the DNA analysis.
“Once we get that stuff back, if someone’s in the system that matches, it’ll give us a hit and we’ll go from there,” Ingle said.