Ardmore residents and businesses faced rising waters Wednesday evening as more than three inches of rain collected in about three hours.
National Weather Center Meteorologist Phil Ware said the rainfall was mainly localized in the Ardmore area, with surrounding cities seeing little to no moisture.
“We’re starting to get to that time of year now where we get these pop-up storms that don’t really move a lot, so if you get underneath one of them you could get a lot of rainfall in a short amount of time,” Ware said.
The flash flood warning issued in the area around 3 p.m. and the large amounts of water that followed presented some problems for the businesses downtown along Caddo Street.
Johnny Morris, who owns Midway Construction, was brushing the water out of his building as a large fan was blowing, attempting to dry the wooden material that had gotten wet.
“This is ridiculous, all that money they spent out there and we get five inches of water in the building,” Morris said.
Morris said this is the second time his building has flooded since the construction nearby was completed.
“It never came through that building over there and it’s running through there today,” Morris said, gesturing to the building across the street where he said he keeps his cabinets worth around $25,000.
Ardmore City Manager JD Spohn said that although street flooding is normal with large amounts of rain, officials are aware that there is an issue in the area and are working to resolve it.
“I know we’re concerned about the area down there and our engineer went down there during the rain,” Spohn said. “They’re visiting with a couple of business owners and looking to see if they can identify exactly what the issue is and what we can do to resolve it.”
Despite the considerable amounts of flooding, Sphon said the city received very few emergency calls and as of 6 p.m., he said everything appears to be returning to normal.
The flash flood warning for Ardmore may have expired, but Ware said more storm systems are expected to pop up later tonight through tomorrow, potentially bringing additional flooding to the area.
“The conditions, especially across portions of southern Oklahoma that have seen a lot of rain in the past few days, are favorable for more flooding,” Ware said.