Often there are far better things ahead than what is left behind.

Often there are far better things ahead than what is left behind. 

For Plainview’s Jordan Lewis, the thing she’s leaving behind is initially what started her journey.  

In three short months, Lewis will begin a new chapter in her life as she will no longer be a member of the Oklahoma Baptist University Lady Bison cheer squad in Shawnee but a Lady Broncho in Edmond at the University of Central Oklahoma, effectively putting an end to a stellar cheer career. 

“I just don’t really have a passion for cheer anymore,” Lewis said. “My favorite part of cheering at OBU was all my friends that I made on the team. We had some days that sucked so much, but we always had our teammates to lean on. Some days when we were exhausted and did not think we could make it through practice, we were always reminded to do it for each other.” 

If there is one thing though that Lewis can say, it’s that she is ending her cheer career on top.

This past year, Lewis was a member of the OBU squad which won the National Championship at NCA Nationals in Daytona Beach, Florida, as well as the squad that placed third overall this season at the STUNT National Championships at the Lloyd Noble Center in Norman. 

In cheer, you’re not only encouraging the fans and the athletes on the field, but each other as well, something Lewis took to heart during her time as a cheerleader. 

“One of my favorite parts that I will miss most about OBU was this thing called Canterbury that occurred every other Thursday,” Lewis said. 

“It was a worship night off campus in downtown Shawnee. It was amazing being apart of the fellowship. Another thing that I will miss was being in the same dorm as all of my friends. I could literally run down the hall at 2 a.m. to any of their rooms, and they would totally be okay with it.”  

While most people might view walking away from something they have done for so long as a sad event, Lewis is viewing it as the start of a new and exciting chapter in her life as she goes forward. 

“I have never really known life without cheer, so of course I am going to miss it,” Lewis said. “Cheer has always been a part of my life, and I’ve enjoyed doing this sport for so long. I am very sad to walk away from it, but I am excited to see what new things I can get involved in.”

“Although I will not be cheering anymore, I will be busy with school and a job,” Lewis added. “I am looking forward to getting into my classes that go towards my major, psychology, and meeting people with the same interest as me. I am also excited to get an actual job, because with cheer, I never really had time to work, so I’m pumped about that. With all of this newfound free time, I plan to train and run a lot more.” 

As for this summer, Lewis will be working at the place where her journey first began, the Ardmore based Oklahoma Outlaws Cheer and Tumble Gymnasium, where she competed for many years before becoming a coach at the facility. 

“That is where I actually found my love and passion for cheer,” Lewis said about the Ardmore based gymnasium. “I enjoy coaching little girls and boys who have fallen in love with cheer at the same place I did.”