This past academic school year, Charles Evans Elementary fifth grade students did their part to help brighten up the school.
Led by music and arts teacher Patti Green, students Mitchell Ward and Kelvin Nguyen painted personal paintings to help decorate the school’s cafeteria.
“I just wanted to help the cafeteria have some artwork,” Green said. “I wanted the cafeteria to become a place of art where students every year can leave it behind.”
Both Ward and Nguyen were selected by Green because of their desire to help. With the cafeteria decorated mostly just for holidays, and other parts of the school decorated year-round, Green saw an opportunity to help add some life into the cafeteria.
After seeing the joy of hanging the paintings in the eyes of her students, Green wants to do more. Adding more than just two paintings to the cafeteria walls is next year’s goal.
“The kids were excited about it,” Green said. “I am hoping the other students that see their artwork pay more attention and want to do more art. I wanted art work left behind to help inspire other students to paint.”
The paintings from this year’s students and those in the future will hang in the cafeteria forever Green said.
The Charles Evans fifth grade class was also named the winner of the recyclable project presented by the Ardmore Beautification Council. Their art piece was painting on vinyl albums, most of which were donated from a record store in Norman. For winning the project the school received $100, which Green is using to help fund art projects for the upcoming school year.
“The students don’t realize what they are capable of doing,” Green said. “When you give them guidance and show them and teach them the objectives of light, shadowing, near, far, the layers, the background you are teaching them all those things and when they apply it it is amazing.”
Green also wants to donate some of her students’ art to different businesses and cafeterias throughout the city. Green believes it would boost the students’ self-confidence and overall morale.
“I wish more community members would get out and go look at the art that these students are capable of presenting,” Green said. “The Ardmore community has groups of artists that are awesome and I would love for them to work with my kids and do more art for the cafeteria.”