Glen Rabe Motors partnered with First National Bank to put together a sizzling fundraiser Friday for the Relay For Life.
Mark Lenhart, general manager of Glen Rabe Motors, spent the afternoon serving up grilled onion burgers.
“I think it was a success. Right at 250 burgers served,” Lenhart said.
Normally, cooking on a hot grill on a steamy day might seem like a chore to some, but not for Lenhart.
“I actually enjoy it because it breaks the normal work day routine up and actually is a pretty good team building experience. Thankfully, no one got cut, stabbed or burned too badly. That’s always a good day,” Lenhart said.
It was their first year to do a charity event like this, but from the looks of it, there will be more.
“This was Glen Rabe Motor’s first venture with the party bus. Of course it is advertising, but we want to promote and give back to the City of Ardmore through charitable public service events such as this one,” Robin Rabe, owner and partner to Glen Rabe Motors, said.
“On behalf of Glen Rabe Motors, First National Bank, and Relay For Life, we would like to thank the big orders of today. It would not have been such a success without Carter County Hyundai, Billingsley Ford, O’Reilly Auto Parts, and Toyota of Ardmore,” Rabe said.
If you missed out on a burger today, there will likely be more opportunities to help in the future.
“Even though this was just our first year to do something like this, we definitely plan on doing it again next year and the years to come,” Rabe said. “It was a great turnout for a great cause.”