Marshall and Carter County police pursued an armed robbery suspect in a high speed chase along State Highway 199 Friday.
Dickson Chief of Police David Boes said the individual allegedly stole a bottle of liquor from a business in Kingston. Following the robbery, the individual attempted to evade police in a white Ford Taurus, reaching speeds of up to 110 mph.
Once the individual neared Dickson, Boes said the front passenger tire of the vehicle began to disintegrate and the individual slowed to a speed of 60 mph, eventually landing in a ditch off of Highway 199 and Daisy Lane where he surrendered.
While in pursuit of the subject, a Madill officer fell in a hole sustaining possible shoulder and hip injuries, Boes said. The officers on the scene then proceeded to load the Madill officer into a vehicle and transported him to an emergency room.
Boes said the department does not have any further information on the incident at this time.