The Ardmore Police Department is searching for an individual involved in an animal cruelty incident. 

Ardmore Police Department Captain Keith Ingle said a security guard was doing a security check Saturday morning at the 400 block of General Dr. when he saw something move in a car. 

“Somebody left a dog in a locked car with the windows cracked,” Ingle said. 

Ingle said officers are unsure as to how long the dog had been in the car, however, the dog was left without water in 80 degree weather. 

“At the time it wasn’t in any dire state, but had it been left there in 80 degree weather all day then it possibly could have,” Ingle said. 

The dog was transported to the Ardmore Animal Shelter and police are investigating to find the owner of the vehicle. Ingle said the vehicle could only be traced back to its previous owner at this time. 

“The vehicle was traced back to somebody else and when they contacted him he had sold the vehicle or traded it in earlier in the year,” Ingle said.