After responding to a call in which an individual reportedly felt threatened, Ardmore police allegedly discovered the woman wasn’t who she said she was.
Police arrived at the 1400 block of NE B St. Thursday evening in response to a call made by 30-year-old Erica Parker of Ardmore, said Ardmore Police Department Captain Keith Ingle.
“The person who got arrested was the one who called us there and said she was being threatened, but basically she wasn’t being threatened, she was just served eviction papers,” Ingle said.
When police asked for Parker’s identification, Ingle said she gave them the wrong information. However, Ingle said one of the officers happened to recognize Parker and the department was able to confirm her identification.
Along with that, officers found that Parker had an outstanding warrant for failure to pay for a possession of paraphernalia charge, Ingle said.
Parker was then transported to Carter County Jail on a complaint of obstructing an officer for allegedly lying about her identity and for her previous warrant. While at the penal facility, Ingle said Parker was asked if she had anything illegal on her person, which she allegedly denied.
“Then in the booking process they found .4 grams of meth in a plastic bag. She had it in her bra area,” Ingle said.
This led to an additional complaint against Parker for bringing contraband into a penal facility, Ingle said.