Wilson police responded to an incident where a woman believed she was being followed last week.
Wilson Police Department Captain Josh Taylor said officers were dispatched to Highway 70 on June 6 where they caught sight of the vehicle the woman had described as a dark brown Lincoln Town Car.
The woman reported that the man had been following her closely, west from the Lone Grove area, and making changes in lanes in synchronization with her. Taylor said officers observed that the driver was an elderly man and had no probable cause, such as road rage or violations like speeding, to pull him over.
The woman pulled safely into the Black Gold Casino parking lot and police followed the vehicle until it was outside of city limits, Taylor said.
In a post made on social media, the woman stated that other Wilson women had mentioned similar “scary men situations.” However, Taylor said the only other experience reported to the department was an isolated incident that had occurred a couple of weeks prior.
In that report, a female was driving late at night and reported a road rage incident where a man had thrown a full can of beer at her window, busting it, Taylor said. Both drivers pulled into the Black Gold Casino parking lot and both are believed to have thrown items at each other, he said.
However, both parties declined to file charges and agreed to pay for the damages out of their pockets, Taylor said.
“The best thing that people can do if they feel like they’re being followed is to call in to 911 or the Oklahoma Highway Patrol and quickly get to a well-lit area as safely as possible,” Taylor said.
Taylor said he advises anyone with further questions or anyone who notices suspicious activity to contact the Wilson Police Department at 580-668-2136.