During the summer months the biggest super hero to save the city is typically the AC unit, but Ardmore City Schools is bringing a new set of heroes onto the scene.
Ardmore City Schools is hosting its first Fine Arts Camp at Lincoln Elementary, giving students an opportunity to study visual art, dance and music.
The culmination of the camp will result in a performance by the students who attended, with the theme being super heroes.
Fine Arts Camp Director Chase Hanson said the camp is the brainchild of Chauvin Aaron, Ardmore High School’s assistant director of fine arts.
“It (fine arts camp) gives them a chance to find a place, many kids don’t see the fun in school or struggle with the math and reading, but they love art,” Hanson said. “It gives them a chance to do that. We have had kids that thought, ‘Oh I just wanna do this for the art and music but I don’t want to dance,’ but get to the dance part and they love it.”
There are 38 students, ranging from third to fifth grade, who are involved this summer. The students arrive at the camp at 8 a.m. to start their day, and rotate between dance, music and art.
The dance class is taught by Hannah Kennedy, who attended Plainview High School, graduating in 2014. Kennedy was a member of the cheerleading squad at Plainview, and has attended On Your Toes Dance Academy since she was two years old.
“Dance has been my whole life and I was offered the opportunity to come teach kids so I took it,” Kennedy said. “The kids are doing really good, they learned (the routine) really fast, which I was actually really impressed with.”
The students will perform their dance routine on June, 27 at 6:30 p.m. Lincoln Elementary, dancing to the theme song of Ghostbusters. The choreography of the dance was created by Kennedy.
“The kids make it fun,” Kennedy said.” I’m definitely excited to see them dance and see how it turns out on stage.”
Students have also been creating art pieces during the camp, all of which will hang in the cafeteria during the school year.
The art pieces are also super hero themed, and are created with paper to look like stained glass windows.
Ardmore Middle School art teacher Shelby Anderson has been enjoying her experience helping the kids this summer, and said the benefits of spending more time together in a classroom setting is making the students better artists.
“My favorite part of the summer is seeing their development,” Anderson said. “They get more time focusing on their work instead of focusing on all the other subjects as well. They come in ready to do art instead of everything daily on their schedule. They are not stressing about everything.”
It is not too late to sign up for the camp Hanson said, but students must sign up by the end of the week.
“I just love seeing how excited the kids are to do this,” Hanson said. “They are getting such a positive experience at the school and they are wanting to come everyday.”