After opening up its doors earlier this month, the Boys and Girls Club of Ardmore has experienced tremendous success. So far, 125 students have signed up to take part in its summer camp program — but there is one small problem. They do not have any books available for their children to read.
Valise Booker, a member of the Ardmore Boys and Girls Club staff, says their new facility has space for a reading room. Their goal is to implement reading time once the shelves are no longer bare. Booker said because they service children from a wide range of ages — all the way from Kindergarten through high school — they need books for all ages.
“We’re looking for fiction, nonfiction and poetry for all age groups,” Booker said. “We’re looking for as many books as possible, especially for our teenagers because they can get bored with books pretty quickly if they are having to read the same books over and over. That also applies to our elementary students because they get bored having to read the same stories over and over as well.
Laura Akers, Executive Director of the Grace Center, is also helping out with the book drive. She said anyone wanting to donate books to the Boys and Girls Club can drop books off at the Grace Center.
“Right now they do have a reading time every day, but the teachers are having to print stories offline and read them to the children,” Akers said. “But allowing the children to pick out their own books to read to themselves really helps them improve their reading skills.”
Anyone with any children or young adult books they would like to donate to help fill the organization’s library may drop the books off at The Boys and Girls Club of Ardmore located at 515 Maxwell Avenue NW or at the Grace Center at 11 A Street NW.