Fans of the Marietta Indians will be able to cheer in comfort when football season begins later this summer.
On Thursday, crews began construction on a new set of stands at Marietta’s McClain Stadium. The new construction is but a portion of a $1.2 million bond issue passed last fall. The funds will also be used to renovate the old football fieldhouse into a track field house, and resurface the track.
Superintendent Brandi Naylor described some of the changes fans can expect in the new bleachers.
“It’s going to be much larger and have more seating,” Naylor said. “It’s going to have benched seating with seat backs and a larger press box.
Naylor said the construction should be complete in time for the start of football season.
“The goal is for this to be complete within three to four weeks, weather cooperating,” Naylor said. “It’s been a long time coming. It’s been a year-long process just getting the bidding done and everything ready to go.”
She said she’s amazed at the progress the crew has already made.
“This time yesterday there wasn’t anything, and now we’ve got a nice big structure going up,” Naylor said. “It’s pretty amazing how you wait and wait, and then all of a sudden things just take off.”