Even though this diamond does’t technically sparkle, it doesn’t stop the Murray State College Lady Aggies softball team from protecting it as if it did.

Even though this diamond does’t technically sparkle, it doesn’t stop the Murray State College Lady Aggies softball team from protecting it as if it did. 

For Lone Grove graduate Taleigh Nail, her sparkling play on the field was a prime reason why the Lady Aggies wanted her to join their ranks after high school.

This season, the former Lady Horns standout played her freshman season in Tishomingo, where she turned in a solid season. 

“My overall freshman year experience was very different than high school,” Nail said.  “I had to make all new friends, and live on my own. I really enjoyed it, though. My teammates are now my best friends, and we are together all the time. We created so many memories together that will last a lifetime.”

“During our season, we had a lot of ups and downs,” Nail added.  “There were three girls that got injured early in the season, so our team had to make adjustments and find someone else to replace them. There were times where we would go on a winning streak, and there were times where we would have to come back from a tough loss and regroup as a whole.” 

Fighting through adversity is nothing new to Nail, since she has been doing it throughout her softball career.

During her senior year at Lone Grove, the Lady Horns went 30-6 on the season, finishing as the Class 4A State runner-up.

Nail was honored as a Class 4A OCA Fast Pitch All-State member, as well as being named the Lake Country Conference Co-Defensive Player of the Year on the All-Conference list. 

She was also a member of the All-Ardmoreite Fast Pitch softball team. 

Nail finished her senior season with a .471 batting average to go with a .521 on base percentage. while totaling 49 hits with 39 RBI’s. 

Since she was eight years old, Nail has played the game of softball, something she said she initially fell in love with thanks in part to her dads love of baseball. 

“My dad was a really big baseball fan and he wanted me to try softball to see how I liked it,” she said.  “He signed me up for little league, and I’ve been playing ever since.” 

“I am extremely blessed, and so grateful that I had an amazing high school softball coach like Jimmy Miller,” Nail added. 

“He is the reason that I won all of those awards that I did. He pushed me beyond my limits, and showed me just how good I could be. He’s been my go-to mentor since I was a freshman at Lone Grove, and none of those successes would’ve been possible without him.”

This season at Murray State, Nail finished with a batting average of .333 to go with 48 hits along with 25 RBI’s and three home runs for the season. 

This summer, Nail is back in her hometown working for her dad’s lawn and landscaping business. 

She is also playing on a competitive team, The Oklahoma Pulse. 

She has been competing since she was in the sixth grade, but has been playing on that particular team for only two years.

“I love playing travel ball, because you get to make friends from all over the state, and you get to compete with the best of the best,” Nail said. 

“The whole atmosphere is just different from high school,” Nail added about playing in college. 

“It almost just feels as if you’re on a much bigger stage and you have to perform under pressure each and every game, because someone is always capable of taking your spot.”