Though it seems new businesses are popping up all over town, permits for new construction dropped for the month of May. The permits totaled just over $1.5 million last month, which is the lowest figure since January’s totals which added up to slightly less than $1.4 million. The total year to date, however, is still strong, coming in at just under $36.4 million.
Community Development Director Jessica Scott said May is typically one of the slower months for new construction.
“May is kind of a slow month every year,” Scott said. “I think part of it is because tax season was in April, and people have just had to pay their taxes.” She added this applies to both businesses looking to invest in new property and individuals making improvements on their homes. “If someone just paid a large tax bill, they don’t have the money to put in a swimming pool or redo the kitchen.”
Scott said the weather is another major factor that affects new construction in both April and May, and this year’s rainy spring has likely contributed to such a slow May. However, she said the month of June is already off to a busy start.
 “I think everything is going to pick back up, and I have a desk full of plans that I’m working on for June,” Scott said. She said one of the major new trends is multi-family housing.
“The majority of the projects I have going on are multi-family,” Scott said. “Multi-family housing is very much needed in Ardmore right now. I think over the next year we’ll be seeing more apartments and townhouses coming up.”
While new construction projects have recently slowed a bit, one project came to completion Friday morning when Orscheln Farm and Home opened the doors to its new building. According to a press release, the new, larger location allows for new departments and an expanded selection in existing departments.
“We are excited to be in a new location that is a better facility and easier for our customers to access,” District Manager Rodney Tolar said. “Orscheln has been part of the Ardmore community for many years, and we hope that both long-time and new customers will stop in to see the new store.”