Recent heavy rainfall has highlighted Ardmore’s susceptibility to flash flooding. Two of the areas most affected will soon be receiving attention.

During a Monday evening meeting, the city commission voted to make changes to the downtown streetscape project to allow for additional drainage and to hire an engineering firm to draft plans to reconstruct 8th Avenue NW and install a storm sewer.

Assistant City Manage Kevin Boartright explained the situation downtown. He said the majority of the construction will be made on the southwest corner of Broadway and Caddo. The changes will cost the city just over $145,000.

“We’ll be adding stormwater inlets on the south side of Broadway and the west side of Caddo,” Boatright said. “There is also a need to change the curbs in this area to allow more storm water to pass through from Broadway to Caddo.”

City Engineer Thomas Mansur described the problem with flooding on 8th Avenue NW.

“This particular street receives a lot of storm water from 8th, 9th and 10th (Streets), so it’s a very large drainage area,” Mansur said. “The road that we have on 8th Avenue really needs to be lowered and rebuilt because it has been overlayed so many times that the street is actually higher than the surrounding ground. So it’s difficult for water to drain into the storm sewers.”

Mansur said after reviewing several options, he concluded the best thing to do would be to entirely rebuild 8th Avenue NW from M Street up to R Street and install a storm sewer along the street right of way to the creek west of R Street.

Commissioners voted to engage Cardinal Engineering to create the plans for the construction process. This will include a hydraulic analysis of the entire neighborhood then preliminary construction plans.