When it comes to the Plainview cheer program, the Lady Indians have always been known for their competitive drive and their success.

When it comes to the Plainview cheer program, the Lady Indians have always been known for their competitive drive and their success.

There’s something else the PHS cheer program is also known for: producing All-American award winners.

Earlier this month at UCA Camp in Norman on the campus of the University of Oklahoma, two more Plainview cheerleaders added their names to the prestigious list of award winners.

Junior cheerleader Hadyn Hobbs and senior cheerleader Isabel Gonzalez made it through a grueling tryout period to emerge as the recipients of the award.

For Hobbs it meant she earned something her older sister Deryn did when she cheered at Plainview, and for Gonzalez, it meant she became an All-American-American.

“It’s surreal to me,” Hobbs said. “All I’ve ever wanted to do is be like Deryn, because she is my hero. Getting to achieve this as a junior is really exciting, because usually it’s just a senior thing. But getting to step out of my comfort zone and try something new was really worth while for me.”

As for Gonzalez, the second time around was just as sweet when it came to the All-American award.

“It’s a great honor, and it’s very prestigious to even earn this award,” she said. “Everyone at camp looks up to the All-Americans, and to be even able to try out is a great honor in itself.”

“All the seniors knew we would be trying out,” Gonzalez added. “Whenever we had to go change into our uniforms, that’s when it became real and the most nerve-racking. We learned a cheer and a dance, and we can also tryout with our best jump which is optional. I was completely shocked when I found out I made it. I was afraid it was going to be embarrassing because I didn’t make it. To be honest I didn’t even hear my name when it was called, but it was still special.”

Success is nothing new to Hobbs, as she has been a member of the Lady Indians cross country and track teams, where she was able to win a state title with the cross country team during the 2017 season, and has been apart of multiple state runner-up teams with the track program.

“It was really exciting getting to be one of the role models on the team and see things from the other side for a change,” Hobbs said. “Deryn was so excited when she found out I had been named. She was crying and telling me I’ll probably beat her records and everything. That was really special for me.” 

As for Gonzalez, she has also been no stranger to success, as she has been a member of the Ardmore based Oklahoma Outlaws Cheer and Tumble Gymnasium where she works as a coach as well mentoring young kids with their skills. 

“It’s extremely gratifying to be in this position,” Gonzalez said. “This just means that we’re held to a higher standard and that our hard work has paid off to be in such an honorable category.”