A second victim has been reported in connection with a credit card skimmer recovered from a local gas station earlier this month.
Ardmore Police Department Captain Keith Ingle said the victim’s card was allegedly used in Texas for $150. The man said he had only used his card three times at one store, Ingle said.
Police located the device on a pump at the Valero gas station off Broadway and Q. St. on June 3, Ingle said. The skimmer has since been sent to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation for DNA analysis, however, the results are still pending.
“OSBI is so far behind it’s crazy,” Ingle said. “They get backlogged because they don’t just have our department, they have all the other departments in Oklahoma sending them evidence, so it takes a while.”
A woman also filed a fraud report in relation to the same device earlier this month after she discovered her credit card was being used in Duncanville, Texas, for $149.