For some, getting out of your comfort zone and going to college can be a big transition.

For some, getting out of your comfort zone and going to college can be a big transition.

Former Plainview golf stand-out Saxon Ross learned this right away, after completing his first year at Murray State College this past spring. 

To finally be out of the house was exciting for Ross, but he had to grow up, and experience real world liabilities.      

“It was different at first being on my own, but I got used to it pretty fast,” Ross said. 

“I had to be responsible and do adult things for the first time, so it was an experience.” 

“My freshman year was great,” Ross added. “I had lots of fun with my teammates and made some new friends. Some of my teammates came all the way from Belgium and England which was pretty cool. It’s fun learning the lingo and how they live over there.” 

Before coming to Murray State College, Ross had a successful career at Plainview High School, as well as in other tournaments. 

Ross was a member of the 2014 Indians team which won the state title, as well as multiple state runner-up teams. 

Ross was also a member of the All-Ardmoreite Boys Golf Team multiple times, and was an All-State selection his senior year after finishing fourth at the state tournament. 

That same year he was also the individual champion at the Lake Country Conference, Regional Tournament and the Seminole Invitational, as well as the Starburst Invitational Tournament in Texas. 

Murray State College made the national tournament this season where the Aggies finished eighth overall with Ross finishing 80th overall out of 135 competitors. 

“The competition was tougher, the courses got longer and tighter, making me look at them in different ways. I had to start playing smarter,” Ross said. 

“I also had to grow up a bit. In order to keep helping my team, I had to find a way to score even when I wasn’t playing good.”

“I played alright this year,” Ross added. “We made it to nationals which was held at Plymouth, Indiana and played well in the final round. I think that I did everything that I could to help us qualify for nationals. I didn’t play good on the first three rounds, but on the fourth round, I pulled together a decent round.” 

The transition was easier this season for Ross as he had a couple of familiar faces around him at MSC, including teammate Tyler Neher, who was his teammate at Plainview. 

Ross roomed with his good friend Blake Woerz, another 2018 Plainview graduate. 

“It made it a lot easier to have someone around that I’ve known for years,” Ross said. 

This summer, Ross is in Ardmore working at The Lakeview Golf Course, the same place he worked last year. 

“It’s so nice to see what goes on behind the scenes here. Not many people get to see what you have to do to take care of the course,” Ross said. 

“It makes it so much more satisfying when I play out here knowing that I contributed towards the well-being of the green.”