LONE GROVE — Sometimes in life you have to face adversity before coming out on top.

LONE GROVE — Sometimes in life you have to face adversity before coming out on top.  

Following last seasons 8-20 performance, the Ardmore Tigers are ready to turn things around next season on the diamond. 

Coach Vic Brumley will be entering his fourth season at the helm for the Tigers, hoping to help his team regain their roar next season. 

After losing Dawson Stedman, Dain Littlechild and Gabon Noland to graduation this year, the Tigers will rely on the new upperclassmen to lead them to an extended playoff run. 

“They are a year older and a year stronger,” Brumley said. “ They have one more year of playing the game and the knowledge of knowing the game. Leadership always helps out too.” 

The new leaders on the team will be Creed Cox, Aaron Henniger, Raven Henderson and Ethan Lyles, each of whom will try to lead the younger crowd in the Tiger Way. 

Brumley knows the kids on his team can put pressure on opposing teams with their speed, but his team has to improve on their ability to get on base. 

“Basically hitting the baseball, we play pretty good defense and our pitchers are not overwhelming as far as throwing the ball hard,” Brumley said. “If we can put constant pressure on people with the offense all the other stuff fits in. If we can get that offense going, hitting the ball and everything, it takes a lot of pressure off the other things,” 

The Tigers will be back in 5A baseball next season after spending the last few years in 4A. The Tigers were knocked out of the district tournament last season following consecutive loses to Bethany. 

One thing which has stood out to Bromley so far is how impressive Henderson has been. Leading from the mound, Bromley believes Henderson is the type of player his kids can rally around. 

“He is one of our better players, he will have to manage to do well on the mound,” Bromley said. “If he can go off on the hill, and lead from there, it will help us out tremendously.”

Brumley has been communicating with other coaches around the area to help grow as a coach. Learning about different baseball situations, what the pitcher is doing and playing better defensively are some of the things Bromley has been trying to learn from his peers.

Brumley knows if he can learn knew things himself, it will help the team in the long-run.

“Always learning a little bit, Always learning new ideas and approaches,”Bromley said. “Going to the (coaches) clinic in July. I have videos that they send to me and everything, and I watch a lot of that stuff, so I am continuing to learn the game.”