Two individuals were apprehended in separate incidents Tuesday involving  altercations in which the subjects were allegedly in possession of a deadly weapon.
The alleged weapon in both cases was a knife, Ardmore Police Department Captain Keith Ingle said. The first incident occurred early Tuesday morning in the 300 block of C St. SE after police were dispatched in reference to a disturbance.
A 25-year-old Ardmore man had allegedly been arguing with a woman at the residence, Ingle said. Although the woman appeared to not have any stab wounds, officers did find scratches on her, which Ingle said could possibly be from a knife or from finger nails.
“It looks like they were in arguments all night long and she had scratches and stuff that coincided with the rest of her story,” Ingle said. “She wasn’t stabbed, it was basically just a domestic disturbance where they got into a physical altercation and she claimed he had a knife.”
Ingle said the man admitted to having a knife earlier, but that he was only using it to scrape the dead skin off his feet.
He was transported to the Carter County Jail where he faces complaints of domestic abuse, Ingle said.
Later that evening, police were dispatched to a separate incident in the 1400 block of 3rd Ave. NE in reference to an individual who had been stabbed, Ingle said.
Ingle said the victim was allegedly stabbed by his neighbor, a 31-year-old Ardmore man, with what the police report on the incident described as a “butcher-type knife”.
“The victim said that the guy attacked him and stabbed him with a knife,” Ingle said. “He had multiple cuts to his arm.”
The victim was transported to the emergency room to be treated for his injuries, however, Ingle said the individual would probably only need a few stitches at the most as his injuries were seemingly minor.
Ingle said the altercation is believed to have been spurred by the perpetrator’s drinking habits.
According to the report, Ingle said “his friend, when he drinks, he gets angry and gets out of control.”
The perpetrator was  transported to the Carter County Jail on complaints of assault and battery with a deadly weapon, Ingle said.