Police are seeking the whereabouts of an armed fugitive after he allegedly injured a Paoli officer during an altercation.

Assistant Chief Hutchings was conducting a traffic stop Friday night when he was informed that the driver, Quinn Wykoff, had a felony warrant out for his arrest, said Paoli Police Chief Dustin Cook. 

The two allegedly engaged in an altercation where Wykoff is said to have pulled a knife on Hutchings when he attempted to apprehend Wykoff, Cook said. Once Hutchings pulled out his service weapon to defend himself Wykoff allegedly fled to his vehicle. 

Hutchings returned to his patrol car and Wykoff reversed into the vehicle at a high speed, Cook said. Despite sustaining major damage to his vehicle, Hutchings continued to pursue Wykoff as he fled the scene. 

Once he noticed he was being followed, Wykoff allegedly turned around and rammed the patrol car a second time before leaving city limits, putting the vehicle out of commission, Cook said. 

Hutchings was transported to the hospital where he was checked out and released with minor injuries. “He had minor injuries, some bumps, some bruises,” Cook said. “He had a pretty good knot on the side of his head. He had some scrapes and bruises on the side of his head.”

Hutchings’s K-9, Lion, was also inside the vehicle during the altercation, however, he was unable to get out at the time. 

Wykoff is believed to be driving a stolen white 2001 Ford Single Cab F250, with the tag number FJF380. The truck is also described as having “built-in toolboxes” and a hay cradle strapped down in the flatbed, as well as a dent in the front passenger side. 

Wykoff is considered to be armed and dangerous and those who come in contact with him are advised to use caution. Anyone with information on Wykoff’s whereabouts is urged to call their local police department or the Garvin County Sheriff’s Office at (405) 238-9900.