Work is well underway at the future site of The Clubhouse at Regional Park. The space has been entirely cleared and crews worked Tuesday on getting the miniature golf course into shape.
Ardmore Parks and Recreation Director Teresa Ervin said that though they have missed a few days because of the weather, they are still hopeful to open sometime in the spring of 2020.
“One of the great things about this project is we can have different aspects going on at the same time,” Ervin said. “They can be working on different areas at the same time.”
This proved true Tuesday afternoon while a local crew worked to install a waterline and COST of Wisconsin worked on the miniature golf course. COST, based out of Jackson, Wis., has done work for parks, museums, and other enterprises all over the country, including Disney, Universal Studios, and Six Flags.
Ervin said in addition to creating the miniature golf course, COST is installing a special water feature.
“There’s going to be a waterfall over in the corner, and that’s going to feed into a creek thats going to wind through the course,” Ervin said. “They’re going to try to pattern the rock formation off of the natural rock found in the area. The rock that we already have here, they hope to implement throughout the entire location — not just in the golf course but for decoration all over.”
Ervin went on to describe another special feature of the course - nine of the 18 holes will be ADA accessible.
“It’s an 18-hole golf course, but half of them are going to be ADA compliant,” Ervin said. She added these ADA holes will be spread throughout the course with a path going to each ADA compliant hole. “It’s not just going to be holes one through nine. It’s going to curve around so they get to start and finish at the same places as everyone else.”