The police search for a fugitive who allegedly injured a Paoli officer concluded last night after officers found the suspect south of Elmore City.
The search began Friday night after the suspect, Quinn Wykoff, fled from officers subsequent to an alleged altercation with Assistant Chief Hutchings  which  damaged Hutchings’s vehicle and caused minor injuries.
Paoli Police Chief Dustin Cook said officers received a tip from an individual that had reportedly spotted Wykoff’s stolen truck and had seen Wykoff on the front porch of a residence in Elmore City around 7 p.m. Tuesday.
Officers were able to locate the vehicle about 100- to 200-yards from the residence and put together a large group to search the area, Cook said.
“There were about three trailers on this property and we searched two of them,” Cook said. “The second one, the individual refused to let us in to search.”
Eventually the individual agreed to a search and Wykoff managed to slip out of the residence somewhere in-between that time, Cook said.
“As we cleared the house, all of the officers lined up and we were going to make a giant push out through this entire property and a Garvin County Deputy managed to basically step right on top of him and located him,” Cook said.
Cook said Wykoff was hiding in tall grass within a brush pile about 10-feet from the residence.
Police filed an initial arrest warrant for Wykoff based on complaints of assault and battery of a police officer and assault with a dangerous weapon, Cook said. However, Wykoff is looking at additional complaints from both Garvin County and McClain County.  
“He committed some crimes up there (McClain County) that they were able to pin point him to,” Cook said.