Middle school and high school students will have a new fundraising opportunity when then go back to school this fall because the Ardmore Clean Team will be paying school groups to pick up litter in Cash 4 Trash. 

Margaret Ward, Cofounder of Ardmore Clean Team, said they are teaming up with Ardmore Beautification Council for this project and have a nice amount of funds ready to go for when school starts back. Thie fundraiser will be open to any kind of school-sponsored extra curricular activity.

“This can be for the athletes, the band, the choir, the drama club or any other organization,” Ward said. “We’re going to be paying $5 for a black leaf sack full of litter.”

She said full trash sacks will then be brought to a designated location and once a certain amount has been collected Ardmore Beautification Council will cut them a check. Ward stressed the sacks must be full of actual litter.

“They have to cram the sacks full,” Ward said. “They can’t be loose, and we’re going to check them. We don’t want you bringing your kitchen trash. Litter is something you pick off the ground or it doesn’t count.”

Ward said Ardmore Clean Team will supply the trash bags, trash grabbers and reflective vests which must be worn at all times. Parents will need to sign a waiver, and an adult must be present while the students are out collecting trash. The trash does not have to be picked up within Ardmore City Limits, but students are encouraged to stay in the general area.

“Litter is everywhere and you can pick it up anywhere,” Ward said. “The outlying country roads are terrible. Behind the mall is terrible. They can go out to Lake Murray or Turner Falls. Just go out there and get it!”

Students are encouraged to take before and after photos to see the difference their efforts have made. Ward hopes this will help instill a sense of pride and community within the students.

“I want the kids to know this is their town, too. This is their future,” Ward said. “This will make them aware of the problem, and then they can teach their kids about it. Maybe then we don’t have a problem any more.”

Ward said Cash 4 Trash will only be open to middle school and high school students, but they are currently working on a project for elementary students. For more information visit Ardmore Clean Team on Facebook at www.facebook.com/groups/360342387637511/.