Raising roughly $3,000, Hunter then wanted his money to make him money.
Alex Eubanks, Hunter’s stepmother, sold fireworks herself, and helped Hunter with the idea of opening his own stand.
“He had saved up a bunch of money and we told him to invest in something,” Alex  said. “I sold fireworks when I was about his age, and I said it is a lot to take on but you’ve got enough money that you can do it.”
Flying H Fireworks is in its second year of business and has grown in sales. Originally, Hunter doubled his investment of $3,000, and has spent roughly $4,500 total on fireworks this year.
The stand is open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. during the week and closes at 10 p.m. on the weekends. Hunter Eubanks pulls the stand out of his family’s warehouse with a tractor and sets everything up in the stand himself, something his stepmom is proud of.
“It is a really good opportunity to increase his work ethic,” Alex  said. “He has really developed an amazing work ethic, it has really been nice to see that grow in him and him being motivated to do it.”
Manning the stand with Hunter is his cousin JD Aldridge of Ardmore. Aldridge is helping his cousin for the first time this summer, and is happy to help out his family.
“It has been really good,” Aldridge said. “Not very many people his age think about how, ‘I wanna do this to get to there, but I got to do all these things. I have got to make money and get myself out there.’”
Hunter plans on working the stand until he graduates, and is saving the money to help pay for trade school. His hope is to become a diesel mechanic in the future.
“I like being out here, it is fun,” Hunter Eubanks said. “I get to meet new people.”