The Concert in the Park series will be returning to Central Park for its second season this Saturday evening from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Local band Red Clay Gypsies will return to open up the new season.
Tes Stewart, recreation director for Ardmore Parks, said they also opened the 2018 season.
“They have a huge following and last year they drew a great crowd,” Stewart said. “They kicked it off for us last year and they were fantastic, so we’ve invited them back again this year.”
Stewart said the concert is entirely free to attend, but two food trucks and a concession stand will be available for purchase of drinks and snacks for the event.
She also explained a new element which will only be available at Concert in the Park — Passport to Parks.
“People will be able to pickup their Passport to Parks at this concert only,” Stewart said. “What it is is a little passport for your name, phone number and email address. Inside there are questions to fill out about each park in town.”
Stewart said the answers to the questions are not the sort of thing that people will be able to find online or by just driving by the park. For example, the first question is about Broadlawn Park: How many disc golf holes are there?
“It gives people an incentive to get out, move around and see what’s available,” Stewart said. “It’s just another way to get people out to our parks and learn about all the different things we offer.”
Stewart said the completed passes will only be accepted at the next installment of Concert in the Park on July 27. Those who return the passports completed with the correct answers will receive a free entry to the Ardmore Community Waterpark and will be entered into a drawing for a park party package.
“We’ll have a big basket full of things that we are putting together,” Stewart said. “And this will get people out to two of our concerts so they can see what they’re all about.”
The Concert in the Park series will continue on July 27 with Conspiracy Rejects and August 24 with Street Kings.