Turner Falls Park reaches max capacity most summer weekends, but with the Fourth of July falling on a weekday this year, the park expects to be closing early for an extended period. 

Park Manager Billy Standifer said the park’s max capacity is around 4,800 people, which is normal for the Fourth of July week. The park closes once it reaches max capacity and reopens when enough people leave, he said. 

“If the weather holds good, I think we’ll be closing probably everyday except maybe Sunday,” Standifer said. “We may even close Sunday. I mean Thursday, Friday, Saturday — that’s what our projections are.” 

With such a large amount of people at the park at once, it is important that everyone remains safe, Standifer said. There will be several officers on duty over the holiday week and regular patrols will be conducted. 

Individuals should also remember to comply with city laws, Standier said. “All children 12 and under have to have life jackets and we recommend, if they’re getting in the water, we recommend them to have water shoes,” Standifer said. 

Fireworks are also prohibited in the park, he said. To check availability individuals can visit the park’s Facebook page or call (580) 369-2988. Those looking to secure a spot at the park for the holiday week can purchase their tickets in advance at https://www.turnerfallspark.com/parkadmission.