Four Ardmore residents were apprehended early Sunday morning in connection with alleged drug activity. 

Ardmore Police Department Captain Keith Ingle said officers arrived at a local motel at the 100 block of NW Holiday Dr. after an individual reported smelling a strange odor. 

“Somebody had smelled an odor they thought was marijuana, possibly methamphetamine inside a room there,” Ingle said. “Officers went there to investigate and when they got close to the door, the smell did have a strange odor.”

Officers tried to make contact with the individuals at the door, knocking several times, Ingle said. One female opened the door and attempted to close it to prevent officers from seeing in the room, he said. 

Ingle said the department was able to obtain a search warrant and found a couple of scales, Klonopin pills, a small amount of marijuana and meth that was packaged in baggies. 

None of the individuals had a prescription for Klonopin, which is typically prescribed to treat seizures and panic disorder, Ingle said. 

The four individuals, a 33-year-old male, a 57-year-old male, a 24-year-old female and a 39-year-old female, all face complaints for possession of CDS, as well as possible complaints for possession of  marijuana, possession of schedule four CDS (Klonopin) and possession of paraphernalia. 

Ingle said the report may even warrant complaints for possession of CDS with intent to distribute, depending on what the District Attorney decides.