Even though the summertime is usually used for a much needed break, some teachers are doing their best to learn before the upcoming school year.
Associate Director of Fine Arts and Director of Bands at Ardmore City Schools Chauvin Aaron spent the last week in San Diego, Calif. under the direction of the United States Marine Corps.
Having been invited by former Ardmore area Marine recruiter Gunnery Sergeant Timothy Hucal, Aaron went and participated in a condensed version of the Marine’s 13-week boot camp.
“It was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever been a part of,” Aaron said. “Before participating in this workshop I knew a little bit about the Marines.”
Four times per year, the 12th Marine Corps District sends educators from across the country to the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego.
While attending the workshop, educators go through the exact same boot camp training Marine recruits go through before being sworn in.  
On the Tuesday of their arrival, recruits receive a brief from the commanding general of the depot, eat with active Marine recruits and receive Marine martial arts training.
On Wednesday, the recruits meet with former and current Marines and discuss their experiences. They also have the opportunity to see Marine Corps Aviation up close.
Thursday, recruits get hands-on marksmanship training with standard Marine Corps weaponry, before witnessing the Emblem Ceremony. The Emblem Ceremony is where Marine recruits receive the Marine badge and officially become Marines.
On the last day of the trip, the educators in attendance have breakfast with the commanding general after attending the Morning Colors ceremony.
The benefit of the camp is to help inform teachers of what goes on in the military so when a teacher is approached by a student with intent to enlist they can provide answers.
“It was more of a realization, that honor, courage and commitment that they teach before becoming a recruit are really core values that they try to show in all of their actions and activities,” Aaron said. “Which are three core things we try to teach our students.”
The Marine Corps is searching for the best recruits to represent the United States, and believes using educators to help direct recruits towards existing programs will help one of the oldest and proudest of the military branches.
“Throughout my career, I could always count on my Marine recruiter to give my students music lessons, provide physical training, and support and encouragement by attending our band and other school events,” Aaron said. “After this experience, I gained a greater appreciation, respect, and understanding for all they do to train their recruits to be a Marine and represent our country at the highest level. This experience has given me the information I need to better prepare my students to enter the military.”