Heavy clouds of smoke began billowing through the streets of downtown Ardmore late Friday night.
With temperatures in the mid 80s, Ardmore firefighters fought a raging fire inside of a vacant structure located at 2nd Avenue NW, preventing the fire from spreading to nearby structures.
For several hours firefighters sprayed thousands of gallons of water from high atop a ladder truck into the inferno, while others attacked the flames from the ground.
The intense heat from the flames, mixed with the lingering summer heat forced some firefighters to seek medical attention, taking in water and Gatorade while others took up the fight, working in shifts to contain the inferno.
A total of 12 firefighters, including Ardmore Fire Chief Cary Williamson and Ardmore’s Fire Marshall, were on the scene, joined by several Ardmore police officers and paramedics from Southern Oklahoma Ambulance Services.
APD Corp. Jake Glazener, the first officer to arrive on the scene, said the cause of the fire was unknown at the time, though the department had taken reports about the condemned structure being used by squatters.
Officers and firefighters on the scene said it was unknown if anyone was in the structure.
At one point during the battle, firefighters were concerned about the structure collapsing into the street, and began to evacuate nearby buildings.
The cause for the fire is still under investigation.
Firefighters on the scene reported that electrical power to the area has been disrupted, with outages being reported in the Depot District.
Matthew Berger contributed to this reporting.