The Ardmore Police Department Patrol Division responded to a large amount of auto burglaries and larcenies over the Fourth of July weekend.
APD Detective Corporal John Johnson said the department is investigating five confirmed auto burglaries from multiple vehicles and multiple areas of Ardmore between July 4 and July 8.
“A couple of those they hit two to three cars in the same driveway, but they’re just under one case number,” Johnson said.
Cell phones, tools and one firearm was taken, Johnson said— amounting to several thousands of dollars lost.
The department was able to capture two suspects for one burglary on camera in the NE Hidden Path area, Johnson said. “That’s the only one we have video on, but several of them occurred in the same area so they could be suspects in a couple of other ones, too,” he said.
Johnson said seeing a rise in theft and burglaries after a holiday is not unusual due to the sometimes hectic atmosphere.
“Every time you have a holiday, you have people carrying things into the house — dealing with kids and things like that— they tend to forget to either take items from their vehicle or lock the vehicle,” Johnson said.
And failing to lock one’s vehicle is the cause of most auto burglaries, Johnson said. “I’d say about 95 percent of our auto burglaries occur because people leave their vehicles unlocked. A thin piece of glass does not keep someone from getting in their vehicle.”
Johnson said he’d like to remind individuals to keep their cars locked and if there is an item in the vehicle, to put it out of sight.
Anyone with information regarding suspects in the burglary cases is urged to contact Johnson at 580-221-2556 or APD Dispatch at 580-223-1212.