The Ardmore Police Department received an overwhelming number of calls concerning firework use within city limits Thursday.

There were 30 recorded calls, but Ardmore Police Department Sergeant Brice Woolly said that number is low compared to the actual amount received.

“Usually we’re so overwhelmed from fireworks calls, we just go from call-to-call trying to keep ahead,” Woolly said.

At one point during the night police had to make a decision, Woolly said. “Do we cite people with fireworks or do we keep ourselves available for the more serious types of offenses,” he said.

While safety is a primary concern with personal firework use, Woolly said it is far more important to respond to calls that go beyond a firework citation. If fighting was involved or if police received multiple calls concerning one incident they were dispatched, Woolly said.

Otherwise, 12 arrests were made on the Fourth of July — none of which pertained to fireworks. Instead police were dealing with drug possession (meth and marijuana), vandalism and one public intoxication complaint, Woolly said.

Fireworks were, however, the cause of two fires Thursday night, Woolly said. One, around 10 p.m. at the 500 block of 4th St., and the other at 12:45 a.m. at the 900 block of 4th NE.

Ardmore Fire Department Fire Marshal Tim Lee said those were the only two fires the department responded to on the Fourth.

The fires were also small trash can fires, most likely caused from improper disposal or individuals setting off fireworks inside them, and easily extinguished, Lee said.