A large fire engulfed an Ardmore residence Sunday, only a couple days after firefighters extinguished a raging fire downtown.
Ardmore Fire Department Fire Marshall Tim Lee said the fire was busting out of four windows by the time firefighters arrived at the 500 block of 4th St. NW Sunday afternoon.
The residence was occupied by one man that managed to make it out safely, Lee said. Although there were no injuries, there was a large amount of damage, he said.
The individual’s home was completely destroyed by the time the fire was out, Lee said. The fire was believed to be unintentionally started, however, Lee said the resident was being uncooperative.
The Friday night fire at a vacant structure located at 2nd Avenue NE is still being investigated.
Lee said the department has reason to believe the fire was started by humans, as evidence of human tampering such as glow sticks was found. However, there was so much water damage that any further evidence was probably “washed away,” he said.
At the time of the fire, Lee said neighbors had reportedly seen someone go into the structure and not return. Despite this report, Lee said no bodies were found.
A total of 12 firefighters were on the scene among heavy amounts of smoke and high temperatures. These conditions led to two cases of heat exhaustion, Lee said.
The firefighters were taken to an ambulance to be treated with IVs, replenishing their fluids, and recovered quickly, Lee said.