Southern Oklahoma Community Arts will be hosting its first annual Marching Band Camp at Lake Murray this week.
Over 150  students from 30 different schools will be in attendance, with the students coming from both Oklahoma and Texas. More than 50 of the students attend school in Carter County.
The camp is part of an initiative from Ardmore City Schools fine arts director Chauvin Aaron, who hopes to help provide financial support and encouragement for fine arts related activities in southern Oklahoma.
“Our students will increase their knowledge of marching band,” Aaron said. “Learning techniques and skills of marching that will help them be more successful when they go back home.”
There will be around 27 teachers from different school that will teach the students the skills they need to learn during the week.
Students enrolled in the camp will be taught different areas of being in a marching band including; Drum major, drum line, color guard and band
Students will be in class from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday and will be bused over to Noble Stadium every morning for marching band practice.
After lunch, the students will work in a music sectional where they will practice for their final performance on Friday, which is free to the public and starts at 11 a.m.
“It will be beneficial to the students,” Aaron said. “ And it will be a great time at the lake.”
To help lower the cost for the camp, Southern Oklahoma Community Arts Board of Directors Aaron, Christian O’Donnell, TJ Tolbert, Jack Riley, Judy Riley, Barbara Dunn, Elizabeth Gaylor, Cheryl Key, Jenny Lang-Blankenship, Jenni Moen, John Moreno, Lisa Riggle, Iashah Stevenson, Ernie Woodruff, and Tyler Young raised $36,000 to help kids with room and board.
With the raised money, the cost of the camp dropped from roughly $400 per student to $275.
“Our board of directors, and our donors, they are the ones who made it happen,” Aaron said. “Without them it would not have happened.”