The North Spread area of the Midship Pipeline has been placed on hold due to some unresolved noncompliance issues.
According to a July 3 letter issued by Terry L. Turpin, director at the Office of Energy Projects in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Commissioners Compliance Monitors documented 62 noncompliances on the North Spread between May 30 and June 30. As of the day of the letter, 17 of these issues remained unaddressed.
The letter gave the company seven days to provide evidence of corrective action on all of the unresolved noncompliance issues. Only after Midship is able to resolve the issues and regains environmental compliance on the North Spread, will they be given a notice to proceed.
Jenna Palfrey, Midship Pipeline manager of external communications, responded to an email request for information with the following statement:
“We take these concerns seriously and have been working diligently and quickly with our contractor to remedy these issues. While our contractor has already increased their environmental crews and addressed the majority of FERC’s original concerns, we continue to prioritize our efforts to complete this project in a responsible manner.”
Joe David McReynolds, Carter County Commissioner for District One, said Midship has been easy to work with and he has not heard of any big problems in his area.
“As far as I know they were still hauling things down one of our roads today,” McReynolds said on Tuesday. “I’d been talking to one of them a while back about some road damage caused by one of their trucks. They told me to fill out a quote for what it would take to fix it and let them know.”