The YMCA has always been known as a community supporter, helping provide for adults and children to have a place to exercise and hold classes.
This summer, when the Ardmore Boys and Girls Club needed a place to host their summer camp, the YMCA answered the call.
After being out of commission, the Ardmore Boys and Girls Club reopened in January of this year. Unfortunately, there were issues from the beginning.
The club had no place to call home, and twice had the building they were occupying shut down due to building codes not being up to par for hosting a children’s camp.
After doing some searching, the Ardmore Boys and Girls Club found their new home at 515 Maxwell St. in Ardmore.
There was only one issue.
The building would not be ready until August, and the club had nowhere to go while school was out.
Ardmore Boys and Girls Club Director Valise Booker was happy the YMCA was able to help out.
“The number one complaint from parents was having a place for their kids, an affordable place for their kids.” Booker said. “A place for their kids to come and be safe so they can work. All of the parents are very excited, they thank us everyday for allowing their children to have a place to go while they are at work.
The YMCA of Ardmore opened its doors in June and will be host to the kids until August 9, right before the start of the school year.
After its remodel, the YMCA was able to take on the task of hosting the club without disrupting everyday flow of the workout areas and gymnasiums.
Seeing how the club was struggling to find a place to call home for the summer, Jana Weichbrodt of the YMCA thought it was a no-brainer for the Ardmore YMCA to open its doors this summer.
“That is what the YMCA is for,” Weichbrodt said. “To reach out into the community for whatever their needs are. They had nowhere to put the kids and we were glad to take them in.”
The Boys and Girls Club has had up to 70 kids enrolled this summer, ranging from the ages of five to 18.
Doors open for the club at 7:30 a.m. and runs until 5:30 p.m. During the day, kids rotate between arts and crafts, to the swimming pool to group activities in the gymnasium.
Membership to the club is $20 a week during the summer and $10 a week during the school year.
““It is a blessing,” Booker said. “It means a lot to the kids first off, and the parents because they know we have somewhere solid for right now for the kids to be during the summer.”