For over five months Thompson Square, formerly known as Tiffany Plaza, has been a flurry of construction. Owner James Thompson said the first phase of the project is currently 30 to 45 days away from completion, and there are already several new businesses getting ready to move into their new space.
“Right now we’re in the process of finishing the first section up, but we have the new tenants who are coming in and we’re spending more time getting their spaces ready to go,” Thompson said. “That’s kind of slowed down the curb appeal a little bit, but it’s a good problem to have.”
In fact, Thompson said there are currently a total of seven businesses either opening or in the process of opening since he purchased the property in early February.
“One that’s really close to opening is called VitaMoose,” Thompson said. “They serve healthy shakes but they also have several products for sale too, sort of like a GNC. We also have 580 To Go, and they’ll be having their grand opening on Monday.”
Thompson said this location will be a second site for the cellular phone repair shop and serve as an expansion to their current business. He also shared that McGee’s Beauty Supply will soon be moving into Thompson Square from their current location located on North Washington.
“We’ve also got a jewelry store,” Thompson said. “We’re not announcing the name, but they are going to be taking over the old Hudson Tires location. It’s going to be a fun project.”
Thompson also teased of another business likely to be coming soon.
“We have a children’s activity center that’s on the way,” Thompson said. “It isn’t official yet, but we feel like they are about 90% of the way on that.”
Thompson said it is exciting to see the place coming back to life and new businesses excited to be a part of everything.
“A lot of people were thinking we came in and just worked on the frontage, but we’re doing a full renovation,” Thompson said. “With each one of the new tenants it’s a complete makeover. It’s got all new electrical, and we’ve installed spray foam insulation and LED lighting.”
Thompson said he’s thrilled to help the city grow.
“We live here, and we love Ardmore,” Thompson said. “I think that’s the kind of person who needed to take this facility over — someone who is invested in the community.”