The Ardmore Police Department responded to a residential disturbance Sunday, resulting in one individual facing complaints for assault against a minor.
APD Sgt. Bryce Woolly said officers were dispatched to an address on NW 5th St. in reference to a disturbance where a 17-year-old Ardmore resident had allegedly gotten into an argument with the suspect.
Woolly said the juvenile’s mother had accused the suspect of stealing a bike and the juvenile was allegedly defending his mom.
“The 17-year-old got in the middle, trying to defend his mom, and the suspect swung at his head,” Woolly said. “But he put his arms up and he was struck in the forearms.”
There were no serious injuries, Woolly said. However, the juvenile did sustain minor bruises from being struck by a broom handle.
“We submitted charges for assault against a child since it was a pretty large stick he tried to hit him with,” Woolly said. “It’s about three to four feet long — It probably would’ve hurt.”  
Woolly said police commonly respond to disturbances involving both sides of the family. The suspect had reportedly been involved in a shoplifting incident at the 1700 block of N Commerce St. the day before (Saturday) as well.
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