Ardmore Young Professionals hosted an intern activity at the Good Times Lanes Bowling Alley on Thursday night.
Many interns from Michelin showed up to bowl.
“Ardmore is a really great place and I’ve loved being here for the past two months. I have also enjoyed getting more job experience,” Joey Ellis said.
At Michelin, Ellis observes operations in the plant.
“My goal is to make their job more efficient,” Ellis said.
He is from Fayetteville, Ark., and will be a junior at the University of Arkansas.
Emma Kuttler is from Wichita, Kan. and has been in Ardmore since May.
“What I’ve enjoyed about Ardmore, is that everyone that I’ve met here is super friendly,” Kuttler said.
It is her first time being in Ardmore.
She attends the University of Oklahoma and is majoring in industrial engineering.
“I work in the supply chain department at Michelin. What we try to do is reduce waste and cut the costs down of manufacturing,” Kuttler said. “When I get older, I want to work for a hospital or a resort.”
Ivan Foster, Texas Tech senior, is a mechanical engineer.
“I work in quality, and I make sure the tires are good and safe for use,” Foster said. “I also make sure the plant is running
Foster goes from big city to small town.
“Since I am from Dallas, I have driven through Ardmore a couple of times, but this is my first time actually living here because of this internship,” Foster said. “It’s a small town with big-town qualities.”
Bailey Hackler is from Tulsa and attends Oklahoma State University. She is an industrial engineering and management major.
“I was so happy that there was an El Tapatio here in Ardmore, because it reminds me of Stillwater, and makes it feel more like home,” Hackler said. “Honestly, I was pretty impressed with Ardmore’s size. It’s definitely prettier than my hometown.”
Hackler’s job at Michelin includes observing the tire-building process to try to find ways to improve it.
“I’m glad that there is an intern program like AYP that I get to be a part of this summer,” Hackler said. “I enjoyed going to the escape room and now I get to bowl.”