An Ardmore resident allegedly assaulted and stole from a family member while highly intoxicated Sunday morning.
Ardmore Police Department Sgt. Bryce Wooly said officers were dispatched to SE B Street after a woman called about her adult son who “was highly intoxicated and acting crazy.”
“I guess he was having some type of argument with his girlfriend so the mom took the girlfriend and the kids to her house to keep them safe,” Woolly said.
The woman allegedly went back to her son’s house and the two individuals engaged in an argument, Woolly said. “He punched her in the head — she had a knot on her head but it wasn’t anything that she should seek medical attention for.”
The suspect allegedly knocked the windows out of another family member’s vehicle and stole the car that his mother was driving, Woolly said.
Officers received a 911 call later that day in reference to an individual driving “erratically” north of Ardmore. The suspect was stopped and apprehended for complaints of first degree robbery (strong armed) and driving under the influence, Woolly said.
If you or someone you know experiences domestic violence, The Family Shelter of Southern Oklahoma offers services, including counseling and crisis services. The 24-hour Crisis Hotline number is (580) 226-6424.