The Dickson Police Department is searching for a suspect that entered a residence while a 14-year-old girl was inside Tuesday.
Dickson Chief of Police David Boes said officers arrived at the residence located off of Canyon Rd. and Highway 199 around 3:20 p.m. Tuesday.
“The juvenile girl stated that she was in her bedroom, heard somebody at the door, and upon coming into the living room, she was met with a male subject,” Boes said.
The girl described the suspect as a male in his 30s, with red hair, a black backpack, blue shirt, jeans and a skinnier build, standing at around 5’10. Boes said the suspect fled the home after the juvenile spotted him.
“As soon as he saw her, she said he just kind of had this startled, scared look of shock,” Boes said. “He bolted out the door and ran eastbound into the pastures.”
The juvenile was unharmed. Boes said he suspects that the man was trying to steal items from the residence.
Police spent several hours in the area attempting to locate the suspect with no luck, he said. “We never could find him. He still hasn’t been located.”
Residents near Canyon Rd., Grandview Rd. and Oakwest Drive are encouraged to lock their doors and keep an eye out for anyone matching the suspect’s description.
“We definitely will put a little extra patrol out in that area,” Boes said. “We’re definitely giving it our best attempt to try to locate him for sure to keep our community members safe.”