The citizens of Ardmore gathered Wednesday afternoon to learn more about the work completed by the city over the past year as well as plans for the upcoming fiscal year.
Mayor John Moore addressed the crowd prior to introducing a video which took citizens on a visual tour of the city.
“Your city commission continues to work closely with our city staff, advisory boards, trust authorities and other business and community groups to develop and implement projects designed to improve our quality of life and help our city grow,” Moor said. “As mayor I stand before you and tell you that the state of our city is strong and getting stronger every day. The results of our efforts are very real. They are measurable, and if you take a look around you can even feel it.”

Portions of the video were shot with a drone camera and gave a large overhead view of work both completed and still in progress. It made stops at locations all over town and Mayor Moore spoke with the heads of the various city departments about their work.

The first stop was at the finance department where City Treasurer Sandy Doughty said they have recently completed the budget for the upcoming year.

“The budget is around $91 million this year, which is up because sales tax (revenue) is also up,” Doughty said. “It’s our only form of income, and with all the new businesses things are going really well in Ardmore.

The next stop was at Daylight Doughnuts where Ardmore Chief of Police Ken Grace went over recent improvements undertaken during the remodel of the emergency dispatch as well as technology upgrades recently put into place. One new piece of technology is the implementation of a tag reading device.

“With this attached to our cars we can drive through the parking lots of the hotels or anywhere — you can be driving down the street and it scans everybody’s tag and it will let you know if it’s been stolen or if there are any problems with the vehicle,” Grace said.

He also shared some recent statistics that show the crime rate in the city continuing to drop.

“We just got our statistics back and crime is down 13%,” Grace said. “Last year we were down about the same, so we’re going in the right direction.”

The video continued to other departments including the engineering department which is currently working on the plan to widen Rockford Road from Broadway to 4th Street, the parks department staff that are currently working on the Clubhouse as well as getting ready for the installation of bathrooms at Southwest Park later this month, and the fire department which moved into its new station as well as purchasing a new $743,000 fire truck.

“The resurgence of Ardmore rests not in the hands of one individual or one group of people,” Mayor Moore said. “The credit belongs to all of those who make the decision to invest in our city — whether by purchasing a home, fixing up property, or starting a business. The credit belongs to the employees who take pride in their work and their service. The credit belongs to more than 24,000 residents who call Ardmore their home and those who work in and visit our city.”