Multiple domestic assaults were reported over the weekend in Ardmore, two of which involved pregnant women. 

Ardmore Police Department Captain Keith Ingle said officers responded to two different domestic incidents on Saturday, July 20. Around 9 a.m., officers were dispatched to the 900 block of N Washington. 

Ingle said a pregnant woman and the father of her child had engaged in an argument. The 35-year-old man allegedly struck the woman, leaving some scrapes and bruises on her. The individual was taken into custody for complaints of assault and battery on a pregnant person, Ingle said. 

Later that same day, a woman was allegedly strangled by the father of her child, Ingle said. 

The man arrived at the residence, located at the 700 block of NE A St., and asked if the victim was there. 

“He was told ‘no’ but he started looking around anyway and found her hiding in the closet. He started to strangle her,” Ingle said. 

Ingle said the man reportedly left the residence afterwards, but police were able to locate him at another location. According to the man, the victim had chest bumped him during an argument, Ingle said. 

This report was sent to the District Attorney’s Office for further review. 

On Sunday, July 21, officers responded to another domestic disturbance at the 1200 block of Serenity Court. Ingle said officers had been to the residence previously that day in reference to a juvenile subject fighting with her family. 

“Whenever they arrived, they approached the house and saw the same subject standing on the porch screaming and cursing,” Ingle said. “Apparently she had been having issues with family members, she wasn’t getting her way. The argument turned physical.” 

One of the victims in the alleged assault was a pregnant woman, who sustained a few bruises to her arm, Ingle said. 

The juvenile was taken into custody and transported to a juvenile detention center. 

If you or someone you know experiences domestic violence, The Family Shelter of Southern Oklahoma offers services, including counseling and crisis services. The 24 hour Crisis Hotline number is (580) 226-6424.