The crime rate in Ardmore is down another 13 percent this year, marking a sizable drop over the past five years. 

Ardmore Chief of Police Ken Grace shared the data from the APD’s annual Uniform Crime Rate Report Analysis Wednesday, July 19 at the State of the City address. 

The overall 13 percent drop in crimes such as rape, murder, assault and burglary is part of a trend in which crime rates decreased 12 percent in 2017 and 4 percent in 2018. “So overall that’d be 63 percent over the course, since 2014,” said APD Captain Keith Ingle. 

Although there were a few more aggravated assaults and auto thefts reported in 2019 compared to 2018, the overall trend demonstrates that the department has been effectively controlling crime, Ingle said. 

“The officers are really proactive and that helps,” Ingle said. “We’re able to be proactive instead of reactive.” 

Ingle attributed the positive data to having more officers on duty, especially with the addition of the motorcycle patrol in 2016. However, the department’s numbers have been reduced recently due to outside circumstances. 

“We did have more officers on the street but we’re slowly losing them again due to injuries and people going to other jobs,” Ingle said. “But we hope to get our numbers back up and hopefully it continues to drop.”